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Walid B. Farhoud on the Internet
Walid B. Farhoud
on the Internet

Walid B. Farhoud in the Media
Walid B. Farhoud
in the Media

Crazy things some translators do

What makes MEI different from any other translation and interpretation company?

When other language service centers claim that they can work with any language, Middle East International Services stands behind its target area of specialty, the Middle East & North Africa.


Some Key Points to help you make the right decision:

Choosing the right company for your translation needs is not a decision to be taken lightly. Consider these points while making this crucial decision.

  • Middle East International Services is recognized in the State of Washington as target-area language specialists since 1978.
  • Extensive experience in the field of language translation and exemplary standards of customer service industry have yielded an unrivalled level of expertise from creative copy-writing in foreign languages to legal translation and from the translation of technical manuals to complex commercial and Health related subjects.
  • A thorough knowledge of the culture, history, religion and tradition where subtleties are of great integral importance.
  • Comprised of a carefully selected, complementary team of in-house translators who are native language speakers and also hold qualifications in, or have many years of experience within their specialist field of translation.
  • Translation is supervised by a team specialist. Without his stamp of approval the final product is not released.
  • In-house library of bi-lingual dictionaries covering various fields of specialties.
  • Creative precision in finding new terminology for technological and scientific words by consulting with professionals at the universities of the Middle Eastern and North African countries.
  • Unique association with Middle Eastern and North African printed media, advertising agencies, and governmental institutions.


Precision. Expert skills are afforded to all projects, regardless of size. Our team-approach ensures the greatest degree of accuracy.

Translation is conducted by several translators handling the same document separately. Shades of meaning are matched and given the stamp of approval by a team specialist. Documents are then typeset efficiently and neatly to fit the exact purpose of the client, including full graphic design and color printing options as required.

Interpreters are classified to meet the specific needs and field of interpretation: Medical, Legal, Technical, etc.

Turn-around time. Quality is our first priority. Rush orders are accepted whenever we can guarantee our high standards.

Personalized Service. The team manager- the liaison- listens to the exact needs of the client, and tailors our service to meet his needs and requirements. Completed projects are personally delivered wherever possible. Or sent via secured attachment delivery via the internet.

Confidentiality. All work is carried out with a high level of confidentiality regarding all subject matter, including: personal information, copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property, and other proprietary information.  

Cost effectiveness.

a) Translation: Most projects are handled on a case-by-case basis, maximizing value for each client. Price quotes are provided after a review of the materials submitted.

We do not perform word-count translation because the translated text either shrinks or expands when handled between two languages. Our focus is a precise translation of the text, not the number of words in it.

b) Interpretation: Based on subject matter, with a minimum requirement of two hours.


Media Production, Website Localization, Web design, Voice Over, Tele-conferencing (Middle Eastern Languages-English): The Cost  is determined on a project-by-project basis


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