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Walid B. Farhoud:

An Arab-American who graduated from the American university in Jerusalem in 1973 With a degree in Middle Eastern Studies, graduate studies at the University of Washington Near Eastern department 1974-78.


  • Teaching assistant in Middle Eastern languages at the University of Washington. 1974-1978
  • Teaching international business course at the Seattle University (1999-2000).
  • Lecturer at the business forum, Chambers of Commerce.
  • Radio correspondence and publisher of Arabic Media Center.
  • Media consultant to US networks.

Media releases:

"Who's who in international trade"
Recognized role: "set up channels for marketing and product distribution of U.S. products to the Middle Eastern countries."
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"A young Arab businessman opens the Arab markets for U.S. technology"
Recognized role: "known in Washington as one of the prominant specialists in his area of expertise which qualified him to present important lectures at the U.S. higher education institutions and in hosting radio and television programs in order to shed the light on issues of the Middle East. U.S. companies also present to his desk all recent technology available in the U.S. for evaluation and for opening the doors of the Arab area for such products."

"Cashing in on the Middle East takes proper understanding"
Recognized role: "once a negotiation has begun, immediate results should not be expected. Arab and Turkish businessmen like to take their time in making decisions and are put off by the common U.S. practice of pushing for a quick close to the deal."
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"Throw out the old rules in marketing to Mideast"
Recognized role: "forging effective business partnerships with the Middle Eastern companies requires American business to be sensitive to a whole range of cultural, religious, political and economic conditions."
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"An Arab-American view"
"This is not a case of Arabs and Americans fighting with each other, but a fight between two polictal dogmas."

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