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For the last 25 years Middle East International Services has assisted International companies to trade with the Middle Eastern and North African markets. This long commitment produced a special trust between the US manufactures/ exporters and the Arab buyers and our team of experts.

Some of the services MEI offers :

  • Searching suitable US products for marketing and distribution in the Middle East & North Africa.
  • Looking for suitable buyers in the target area who are qualified and equipped to handle this business.
  • Finding innovative methods of shipping, insurance and clearance at the port of entry.
  • Establishing advertising and public relations in harmony with the traditions and culture of the region.
  • Building a large network of buyers, sellers, manufacturers, distributors and marketing specialists.
  • Creating a system of labeling requirements, display and creative design for special product.
  • Negotiating bids, joint-venture partnership, agency formation and contracts.
  • Handling all international banking transactions and documentations.
  • Assisting in trade shows, in dispute resolution and establishing healthy business environment between the parties.
  • Conducting research, feasibility study, business and marketing plans.

The international market has dramatically changed in the last 10 years due to the latest technology of the internet and the latest methods of communication world-wide.

Middle East International Services has adopted this newest method of commerce by establishing

This website was designed to assist International manufacturers and exporters to move their products on the internet.

The viewer on the other side of the world can review your product in his native language or study your company on your existing website (through a link from; can ask us questions related to the product, price, shipping and payment; can place a purchase order directly (eliminate in-between-agents) and knowing that he can get the best price. is the answer of the 21st century import-export to the Middle East and North Africa.


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