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Our team will continue finding venues to assist U.S. Schools in reaching the Middle Eastern and North African student population. - Leading Technology

The following business developments are under consideration and under intensive research:

1) The Arabic program on Arabic Satellite Channel of Dubai will focus on the life of Arab students in the U.S.A., their studies, their personal achievements, concerns, and adjustment. It will also focus on tourism and local attractions in their chosen city in the USA. This program is under negotiation with a production firm in Dubai.

2) Arabic Video Catalog: Arabic Voice-Over for already existing video production for various schools in the US combined with a tourist video clip of the state where the schools are located.

3) Recruiting: educational visits to countries in the region with support of governments, businesses and civic organizations.

4) Adapting latest technology developments of the Internet such as interactive voice/video communication.


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West University Center 4500 Ninth Avenue NE Suite 300 Seattle, WA 98105 USA
206.295.4784 - Tel 425.672.0439 - fax