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AL-MANHAL Newspaper

Al-Manhal is an Arabic word meaning Stream

Al-Manhal is a bi-annual newspaper focused on higher education issues, opportunities and institutions in the US. It is complementary to the Web site

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Bi-Annual Publication

As a bi-annual resource, Al-Manhal delivers timely, relevant educational articles, editorials, interviews and important information to a targeted Middle Eastern/ North African readership base (June and November publication dates). Unlike other publications that rely on the same material repeatedly, al-Manhal will be continually updated.

The Authority

Al-Manhal is produced by a professional team of writers, journalists, translators, graphic designers and editors with diverse experience in the field. Produced in a newspaper format, the publication commands respect and authority, with a variety of articles in each edition.

Targeted Circulation

Its 18,000 copies are distributed to both private and public sectors through an Arabic Newspaper Distribution System. Local representatives will also approve it for entry into each country in the region.

Competitive Advertising Opportunities

An array of display and special promotion advertising programs are available, and can be integrated into your participation on

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West University Center 4500 Ninth Avenue NE Suite 300 Seattle, WA 98105 USA
206.295.4784 - Tel 425.672.0439 - fax