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DALILUSA.COM- Dedicated to assisting students from the Middle East and North Africa desiring to study in the USA.

Note: Dalil is an Arabic word meaning guide or indicator.

WELCOME is a one-stop resource for all aspects of living and studying at universities and schools throughout the U.S.


What makes our Web site so effective?


Technically Robust is hosted on secure servers with superior database capabilities. Users will experience a site that performs at a level equal to the best on the Web. The site will be vigilantly managed and maintained by our technical team.

Arabic, Turkish and English

Our Web site is in both Arabic, Turkish and English, making it easy for Middle Eastern and North African students to access the information. Our goal is to empower students with information and to successfully promote our participant's educational offerings.

Resource Information

Our site will feature articles, editorials, and information covering the most important aspects of living and studying in the US. Unlike other resources that rely on the same material repeatedly, will continually update our articles, primers, FAQs and resource directories.

A Leading Site

We will advertise in targeted publications and through direct e-mail campaigns to students throughout the Middle Eastern and North African markets. We will secure a leadership role in each major market, inviting students to visit the site and become familiar with its offerings. Our intent is to make the #1 online information and resource site for students researching higher education in the States.

Advice for Students

Students can post questions in Arabic or Turkish and our online advisor will respond. Questions will be answered and advice given. When needed, our advisor will coordinate with school administration and advisors. Our online attorney will be available to respond to student's questions regarding legal and immigration matters.

Arabic, Turkish and English Forms will make it easier for students to apply to schools in the USA by providing directions and boilerplate forms in Arabic and Turkish. We will counsel students via e-mail to assist them when using specific application forms.

Featured Listings

All clients will be listed in the site's Main Directory. A 1500-word description of the school, together with logo identity, the school's primary e-mail and contact information will be translated into Arabic or Turkish and posted as a Fact Sheet. The school's own Web site (URL) will also be linked.

Banner Ads and Promotions can translate and redesign your existing banner ads. Various advertising and promotions can be created, including programs around our School of the Week.

Regional Tourism Information

School listings and promotions can be cross-linked to local and regional tourism sites, providing additional context to further the student's interest.

Arab and Turkish Community Resource Center

Embassy and consulate listings throughout the US. small businesses, religious centers, and links to hundreds of Arab-American and Turkish-American community Web sites will be available and continually updated.

Rich Media

Special arrangements can be made to deliver audio and/or video. Arabic or Turkish translation and audio production can be facilitated.


Why the Middle East and North Africa?

a) The increase in high school graduates in the Middle East and North Africa: The statistical data available in this region indicates that the number of high school graduates is tremendously increasing. Our feasibility study also indicates that the U.S. is the favorite target for their future studies.

b) The availability of internet access to Middle Eastern/ North African students: Our study indicates that 4 out of 5 students in this region are daily users of the Internet, have their own computers or have easy access to this technology.

c) Our long experience in the Middle East/ North African market: We have been involved in the Middle East market for many years. Our knowledge of the culture and both Arabic and Turkish languages coupled with our large network of important contacts in the region make us equipped to successfully handle this valuable market.

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