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Arabic Course Home Glossary of Arabic Grammar Terms

36 Texts and Practices

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How to use the the supplementary essays:
Upon completion of the 32- Session- Course with its exercises and practices, advanced students can participate in the 36- text-Course of Arabic. This is to help in applying grammar knowledge acquired, vocabulary, structure, syntax and comprehension. These texts are also analyzed with vocabulary attached and selected carefully to meet the grammatical and structural knowledge acquired.

After reviewing the texts, you will find a set of questions at the bottom of each text lesson. Answer them thoroughly and check your answers by clicking on the links to the right. Each answer corresponds with the text number.

Texts are organized in a special order in order to advance the participant from basic structures into more difficult syntax.

Texts are tracked with sound files so that the participant will be able to hear as much as needed the pronunciation and delivery.

Each text is supported by exercises and practices related to the structure of the text. Colors were adopted for visual distinction.

Students can also contact us at pre-arranged time to discuss anything related to these texts.

Supported Web Browsers
Due to Arabic characters and sound file integration, these courses are supported by Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher or Mozilla FireFox 3.0 and higher. If you do not have these web browsers, you may download them for free at Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Listening to sound files:
The sound files use Adobe Flash. If you do not have this media player, you may download it for free by clicking the following image:
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Each lesson contains a large amount of content, including Arabic characters and sound files. Loading of the lessons may take longer than a normal web page. Please be patient while waiting for the lesson pages to load. If you have a broadband connection, you may not notice the wait.


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